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MMO's [Oct. 8th, 2003|04:35 pm]
Albuquerque's LAN


[Current Mood |analytical]

growl. bordom at work does odd things to me.

for instance, i was really bored, so i decided to look and see how Horizons was shaping up. if you don't know horizons, it's an as-yet unreleased MMORPG.

and damn, does it look good.

i've been longing for those first days when i played everquest again.. when i would zone somewhere new and look around in wonder, exploring and running for dear life, and generally i miss that feeling of not being jaded towards games in general. i desperatly want that feeling back, on some levels... i've touched on it once or twice, in a few other games (freelancer springs to mind the most) that were all offline.

MMO's have gotten soft, on some levels. all of the latest mmo's have been anti-everquest - they all want to say "look, the things people are complaining about in eq, we fixed those!" unfortunatly, the things people complained about in eq were the things that kept them coming back - at first. in eq, the further expansions actually ruined gameplay, just by changing the way monsters and leveling and equipment worked. high level mobs started dropping gear which really wasn't suitable for the level of person killing the monster, and so all that gear got giving to low end players. when that happened, the low end of the game became too easy, so it was "fixed" by making the low level monsters too difficult. and so the viscious cycle went.

ok, back to the things that made eq great: how nastily difficult it was. i'd spend hours on a corpse run, and that, while frustrating, gave me a helluva good reason to not die. in a lot of the newer mmo's, that reason no longer exists. the high end mob encounters, the upper end content of the world being signifigantly larger than the lower level end content, the danger of just walking out of the city gates and finding rats and snakes and bats everywhere... these were the kinds of things that made eq great. none of the newer games really do that. and here's the kicker about everquest - it made you form alliances, join a guild, learn to interact with other players, just to do anything. now, most of the MMO's emphasize that they "don't force you to group" to play. it's pathetic. AC2, while pretty, was a worthless playing experiance. DAoC got old after a couple months. E&B was a neet idea, but the content just wasn't there. AO... had potential, but the rockiness of its start killed any interest in the game. SWG i wanted to try at first - and then i got a good look at people playing it, and decided that i didn't really care, because it looked like it had all the same problems as all of the gen2 MMORPGs.

i hold no faith in EQ2 being any good. i hope horizons is, because its FAQ does not go the standard route, and emphasize that the game is not an everquest clone. hell, they tell you that bad things can happen to you. thier death system still leaves much to be desired by a player like me, but it's quite possible that it just might be better than they are describing.

here's hoping for at least one good new MMO...