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Albuquerque's LAN

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LIARS! [Sep. 18th, 2003|11:44 pm]
Albuquerque's LAN
Finally some action is taking place in the hard drive market. Apparently people are now starting to place law suits based on the 60gigs = 56.9 gig bullshit that we all deal with when we purchace a new drive - read more here
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THE NODE LAN 7.0 [Sep. 18th, 2003|02:29 am]
Albuquerque's LAN
Saturday, September 20th @ 7:00pm

The Node: 6305 Jo Ann Place NE

Map to the =NODE=

Contact: Zach@whiteorbmedia.com ; AIM: Shallbett

Bring your comp and everything you need for it, including network cable.

We are 10/100 catagory 5 and 802.11 b wireless capable.

Bring snacks and munchies the share if you are able.

There's plenty of room so bring anyone you'd like.

No DRAMA, No Booze, No EMP Emitters.

If you are coming PLEASE comment on this entry!

here b the games available at the =NODE=Collapse )
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WOOT! [Sep. 16th, 2003|12:51 am]
Albuquerque's LAN
This community was created to recieve Albuquerques' opinions and thoughts on everything LAN party related. If you're interested in when the next LAN is running in your area, don't hestitate to ask. Someone will usually know or will remember seeing a past post.

If you have any tech questions based on pcs, operating systems, software, or games. If we can't help you out someone in abq will more then likely be familiar with your problem.

Know a good Albuquerque game server or are you running one yourself? Don't horde your stash bitch; share with everyone!

Do you have a sick case mod? Dezam foo show dat shiz!

If you're looking for information on how to back up a copy of a piece of software or are looking for a no cd crack so you don't have to lug that massive cd around with you everywhere. Post your problem and someone will surely help you out.

Hell if you just want to yammer about random lan jazz or corporate bullshiz don't hesitate to post. Everyone likes a good flame war, but don't start one unless you can handle it.
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