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This is a community devoted to helping people in albuquerque get together and LAN. feel free to discuss all things lan related, from when and where the next lan party is, to how much you hate the RIAA and MPAA, and going all the way to how much you HATE the MMORPG of your choice...

A few quick rules:

Long posts & large images must be behind an lj-cut tag.

Posts should be reletivly on-topic. this means don't post about any drama that may have occured at a lan party.

This community does not endorse illegal file sharing or pirated software, as such, any posts which speak (other than in abstract terms) of aquiring said materials will be deleted. this measure is for both the safety of the community and the poster.

Feel free to advertise that you are selling computer hardware, if you live in the area, just don't get pushy.

Try to keep any images that may be put up work-safe. some people browse LJ at work, and it makes life easier when they won't get in trouble for that.

Everyone loves a good flame war, but don't start one unless you can handle it. the moderators will most likely sit back and laugh at your bitchass, rather than tell people to shut up.

This Community is Moderated by: tymeschizm=[BWC]=

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